Any vegan options?
Yes! We our dal masala is a lentil based curry with mouth watering spices cooked in oil and water, we do add a dash of butter though we use vegan butter in our finishing dishes.

Do you have any gluten-free items?
Unfortunately no.

Is this food Kosher or Halal?
We proudly serve halal meat from a certified farm which provides us our poultry and beef.

Do you have appetizers?
We offer tasty samosas, french fries (which we can cover in our delicious tikka sauce) and made-from-scratch and made-to-order naan (your choice of plain, butter, or garlic).


Do you deliver?
Yes, we do! We provide FREE delivery within 2 miles from downtown Long Beach ($20 minimum) for all orders placed through Yelp, DoorDash & phone-in orders.

I use PostMates, are you listed there?
Yes, we are listed on PostMates, UBER Eats, DoorDash, and GrubHub.

What are your hours?
Currently during COVID, we are open Mon-Thurs from 11am-8pm, Friday & Saturday from 11am-9pm, Sunday from 12pm - 8pm

I love your food! Do you cater?
Absolutely! We ask all orders are placed 24-48 hours before, with a $100 minimum. Please call the restaurant for details, catering prices are listed on our online menu.

How do you say that?

Bhuna: boo - nuh
Biryani: beer - ya - knee
Chana: cha - nuh
Dal: doll
Karahi: kuh - rah - he
Korma: kour - muh
Lassi: luh-see
Masala: muh - sah - la
Naan: non
Paneer: puh - near
Paratha: puh - raw - thuh
Saag: saw-guh
Tandoori: tan - do - ree
Tikka: tea - kuh